Residents Club - GROUND FLOOR

1.- Wellness center treatment rooms.
2.- Sauna.
3.- Steam room.
4.- Wellness center showers.
5.- Changing room.
6.- Lobby.
7.- Meeting room.
8.- Powder room.
9.- Lounge.
10.- Fitness center.

Artistry takes center stage with an awe-inspiring mural in a one-of-a-kind lobby that implements the latest technology for the convenience of you and your visitors with the Art Decó spirit that characterizes Praipa, along with floors and finishes by Versace Ceramics.

  1. Blue Wall Treatment.
  2. Green Wall Treatment.
  3. Beige Wall Treatment.
  4. Gold Metallic Details.
  5. Calacatta green marble by Versace Ceramics.
  6. Green Marble Furnishings.
  7. Beige Lacquer Furnishings.
Residents Lounge

Host a special event at the lounge, exclusive to residents and their guests. This luxurious space is perfect for casual gatherings and celebrations.

  1. Tropical Wood Carpentry.
  2. Gold Metallic Details.
  3. Calacatta green marble by Versace Ceramics
  4. Volcanic Stone Wall accents.
  5. Beige Wall Treatment.
Fitness Center

This health club is designed to ensure you always feel your best. With the best cardio equipment, you can have your daily boost of energy at the comfort of your home.

  1. Beige Wall Treatment.
  2. Tropical Wood Carpentry.
  3. Black Metallic Details.
  4. Volcanic Stone Wall Accents.
Wellness Center

Experience a wellness center right at your home where self-care seamlessly converges with opulence, fostering an ambiance that elevates physical and spiritual well-being.

Wellness Center Treatment Rooms 

Each room is a symphony of opulence and tranquility, meticulously crafted to envelop you in a cocoon of relaxation. From a single treatment room, it can be transformed into a double room for a couple’s massage.

Wellness Center Steam Room and Sauna

 Feel the stress melt away as the gentle heat envelops you, cleansing your body and mind. The steam room opens your pores, purifying your skin and enhancing circulation, while the sauna’s dry heat promotes detoxification. Unwind, revitalize, and experience the transformative benefits as these ancient rituals harmonize you.

  1. Natural Wood Finished.
  2. Gray Marble Floors.
  3. Gold Tiled Wall Accent.
  4. Volcanic Stone Wall Accents.
  5. Teal Tiles.
  6. Gold Bathroom Accessories.
Meeting Room

An exclusive amenity nestled within the heart of your residential haven. Whether for collaborative gatherings or focused work, this versatile space offers the perfect environment to convene and connect.

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