The centerpiece jewel of Zona Romántica


Positioned in a privileged location just a hundred meters from the beach and at the most vibrant area of Puerto Vallarta’s neighborhood of Zona Romántica, PRAIA epitomizes the timeless art deco spirit, style, and luxury. Residents will enjoy a life of effortless elegance and magnificence accompanied by the variety of experiences this exciting city has to offer.

100 meters | Beach access
3 minutes walking | Lázaro Cardenas Park
6 minutes walking | Los Muertos Pier
20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta international Airport

Zona Romántica today is unapologetic, fizzling with new creative frisson, and entirely yours to discover


The sole constant in the journey of life is change. Certain places cling to an unyielding identity, yearning for a stable base or a bygone epoch on which to anchor their roots. Meanwhile, other places exhibit a more fluid nature, readily displaying an enthusiastic willingness to redefine themselves. They possess the adaptability of a gentle breeze or a palm tree.

We are one of those places.

PRAIÁ stands as the focal point of metamorphosis, heralding the arrival of a new decade and an epoch characterized by unparalleled communal and personal transformation. Embrace the dawn of this fresh era and immerse yourself in the myriad offerings of Zona Romántica.

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